Fashion Rendezvous - Alena

My name is Alena, a fashion stylist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a lifetime passion in this industry and over 14 years of experience working with a wide range of clients from 7 different countries in Europe and USA.

I make trendy clothing accessible for women and men regardless of age, body type and budget. Fashion trends come and go but great style selection ability is eternal and priceless. I am here to help you improve your signature style, which will support and mirror your lifestyle and personality.

I am committed to make you smile and shine at business meetings, celebration events, casual days off and even during active sports or busy errand days. Personalizing your wardrobe and educating you about the secret powers of fabrics, colors and textures will be fun and worthy for you to learn. I will also guide you on how to match accessories and make up while we get rid forever with your “HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” dilemma…

My love affair with fashion began during my childhood as I dressed up all my dolls and stuffed animals with handmade items I crafted with a Singer sewing machine. I consistently spent time painting over books and newspapers people in pictures adding lines and colors to make them look more stylish under my signature preferences, but following international trends. My passion hobby turned into a full time job after I completed my education and became a mom. My clientele has grown by word of mouth in the US and overseas. I collaborated with boutiques, provided group seminars and completed education courses for fashion design and manufacturing. I keep myself active at business and special events in the fashion world. I spend most of my leisure time with my family. I also enjoy traveling, ballroom dancing and fine arts.

Interested in learning more? Contact me to start the conversation.